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Emir Sulejmanović, from the hell of Srebrenica to the striking arm of the BiH Dragons and the pride of the national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina that secured a place in the European Championship.

This is the story of the success of a Bosnian basketball players and the result of a plan, vision, desire, courage and love for the homeland. Of course, this is also story about a guy who will continue to be talked about a lot in the future, and the regional portal iBalkan.net will follow his next steps, and rejoice in all his successes…

Emir Sulejmanović was born and survived in the Srebrenica village of Luka on July 13, 1995., two days after the fall of the UN protected zone of Srebrenica and Žepa into the hands of “Cetnik” hordes, on the contrary, he was “condemned” to succeed in life. He played in several European teams – from Olympia, Barcelona, Italian Orlando, Zagreb's Cibona, Spanish Breogana, Fuenlabrada, Bilbao and Tenerife. In all these cities, he tried to spread the truth about the genocide in Srebrenica.

He is a 25-year-old, now a basketball player from Spanish Tenerife and “Dragon”, who led the Men's Basketball National Team of BiH in the qualifications, and who finished first in the group for the Euro and qualified for the European Championship!

The reason that our reporter who followed the events around the men's and after the women's national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina that secured a place in the European Championship are the following…

Emir Sulejmanović found himself in the top five playere of qualifications for Eurobasket 2022. Also,he is in the competition for the MVP of the fifth round of qualifications…

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The BiH national basketball team is the most successful selection in the Eurobasket qualifiers, so we asked Emir Sulejmanović to give us his own judgment on the course of the qualifications for the next Eurobasket and how he sees himself in the world of European basketball…

ibalkan.net: Three years ago, you made the decision that you will play only for the BiH national team and you will not change it?

Sulejmanović – “I made a decision when I was 18 that I just wanted to play for BiH and I waited 5 years to get a permit. I don’t regret a single day that I waited because everything comes to its own in its own time. Also, I decided to play for Bosnia and Herzegovina because my heart is drawn to Bosnia and I feel Bosnian…”

ibalkan.net: You are one of the top players in Europe who easily takes a shot for “threes” and hits them in a ratio of 55%. IS THIS TALENT OR COURAGE FOR YOU?

Sulejmanović– “ I come before training and stay after training to shoot, so I would say more that it is work and repetition and also importatn thing is of course that you have to believe in yourself..”

ibalkan.net: YOU ARE GOING WITH BIH NATIONAL TEAM TO YOUR FIRST EC. What do you expect at the same EP and which placement would satisfy your appetites?

Sulejmanović – “I am very satisfied with this success, especially for me, after so much waiting that I can play, and this is a great reward for me, and all of us. So first of all to present our country in the best way and to make the best possible result so far…

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ibalkan.net: Do you still have ambitions towards your former club Barcelona? Which club would be tailored to you, where you would like to continue your playing career and do you have ambitions towards playing in the NBA and playing across the “pond”?

Sulejmanović – “Well, I want to play in the Euroleague and of course the NBA, that's all I want, but step by step we'll see how far I can go on my own…”

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